11 October 2018

How to enable Klipse integration with Cryogen

Sample Klipse setting to use with Cryogen

Sample Configuration config.edn for your Cryogen project

;; ...
:hide-future-posts? true

:klipse {:settings {:selector ".klipse-cljs"
                    :selector-reagent ".klipse-reagent"
                    :selector-eval-ruby ".klipse-ruby"}}

:debug? false}

And in the post content where you like to enable the integration

{:title "Klipse Integration with Cryogen"
 :layout :post
 :date "2018-10-11"
 :klipse true 
 :tags  ["clojure" "cryogen" "cljs" "klipse"]}

Sample Integration

Note: try to edit the expression below and see the result for yourself.

(map inc [1 2 3 4])
Tags: cryogen clojure cljs klipse