About Me

My name is Burin Choomnuan. I have been working in the IT industry since 1996. Through out my careers I have used several technology in various settings.

I always look out for new and exciting open-source project to work on. And I love to share my work with the world when time permitted. I do hope you find some of the content here useful.

My current interested are functional programming especially Clojure and my favorite editor is Emacs with default Vim key bindings via Spacemacs.

I am a big fan of automation, so you may find that I have a lot of things around the CLI. If I have to do something more than twice then I will probably find the way to simplify it via script/shortcut or tools.

You can find some of my sample works here:

My Open Source Tools/Library

  • Clojure library published on Clojars
  • Ruby library published as rubygems. I don't work on this so much since I found Clojure.

If you like to reach out to me you can do so via