16 August 2018

Create new Github repository, no mouse required.

How to quickly create new Github project from your command line.

Use gh-utils

git clone git@github.com:agilecreativity/gh-utils.git && cd gh-utils

# Then install it
lein deps :tree && lein bin

# Source the appropriate shell
source ~/.zshrc # or source ~/.bashrc

# Then see if we can use the project
ls ~/bin/gh-utils

# See the sample usage

Basic Usage

  • First create the basic config that have your Github login/credentials
    ;; e.g. store this in the known location like ~/Dropbox/config/github.edn
    {:username "<your-github-username>"
     :password "<your-github-password>"
  • The basic usage
    Usage: gh-utils [options]
      -c, --config CONFIG              ~/Dropbox/config/github.edn
      -r, --repo REPO
      -i, --init-commit
      -l, --remote-label REMOTE_LABEL  origin
      -p, --push
      -h, --help
    --config       CONFIG       full path to the config file e.g. ~/Dropbox/config/github.edn
    --init-commit               run git-init and git commit on the local project
    --repo         REPO         name of repository to be created
    --remote-label REMOTE_LABEL remote label default to 'origin'
    --push                      push the code to the remote repository as well
    a) To push existing project that have already contain some commit (e.g. skip -i)
    gh-utils -c ~/Dropbox/config/github.edn -r awesome-idea -l upstream -p
    b) To create and push brand new project to Github and run initial commit
    gh-utils -c ~/Dropbox/config/github.edn -r awesome-idea -i -l origin -p
    c) To create brand new project to Github, run initial commit and skip pushing to remote branch.
    gh-utils -c ~/Dropbox/config/github.edn -r awesome-idea -i -l origin

See official readme.md for details.

Tags: github automation clojure git